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Drain Cleaning Edinburgh- How to Prevent A Blocked Drain Ruining Your Day

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One of the most annoying things about a blocked drain is the way the problem can just occur out of the blue. In fact, in most cases you won’t know you have a problem with your drains until water and waste starts to back up out of the drain, causing a mess and a nasty smell.

Whilst we provide the best service possible when it comes to blocked drains in Edinburgh, we also offer professional advice where we can to prevent the problem happening in the first place. Read on to find out how you can keep your drains in tip top condition and flowing freely.

Keep Them Clear Of Debris

Our drains tend to be out of sight out and out of mind unless there is a problem. A good way to keep them working at their best is to include them in your weekly cleaning ritual. Think of your drains as an extension of your kitchen or bathroom, and check them regularly to ensure there is nothing obvious clogging them, or about to clog them. Things like rogue tennis balls and leaves can cause problems on the surface, and these are relatively easy to remove by hand.

However, it’s the debris you can’t see that often causes problems. Nasty substances such as cooking fat, hair and other worrisome waste can start to accumulate in your drains, and over time it could cause clogging that prevents water and waste to flow freely through the system. We’ve seen some horrible sights in our time, but the good news is we offer drain cleaning in Edinburgh that gets to the root of the problem quickly.

Watch What You Wash Down

It can be tempting to wash everything down the sink when you are doing the dishes, including food waste. It may seem like it is flushing away happily down your sink and away from your home, but it could actually be sticking around in your drain systems and causing unseen problems. By making sure you scrape off all food waste, and also watch what you flush down toilets or wash down your bathroom plugholes, you can help to keep your drains in perfect working order.

When It’s Out Of Your Hands

Of course, there are times when you might not be in total control of how your drains are used. For example, if you share a communal drain, you may be at the mercy of how others you live near to use the drains. There may also be a problem that is the responsibility of the local authority that needs dealing with. If you are having a problem with your drain, we advise that you call us in the first instance. We can take a closer look to find out where the problem lies and who is responsible for fixing the problem.

For drain cleaning in Edinburgh you can trust, get in touch with the friendly team here at Easi Plumb for fast and professional service.

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